heARTS of STEAM - Our first family event!

SUSD families joined us at the TTC for a fun-filled STEAM evening where they used technology to create ART!

Families participated in Painting with Robots:

painting with Sphero  robot painted hearts

Click HERE to watch one of our families create art using a Sphero robot.

Families also learned about binary and created Binary Valentines:

learning about binary

Another activity, Virtual Coloring, involved making art come to life using the Quiver app.

virtual coloring activity

Click HERE to view a video of one of our artists.

And, finally, all of the families learned a new technology term, COOKIE, and also enjoyed decorating their own valentine cookie! Everyone enjoyed a wonderful evening full of art and technology.  Read some of the comments from our attendees:

  • Everyone learned.  This supports lifelong learning
  • Easy to follow instructions for all ages.
  • Everyone was very informative.  Each section held my kids' attention and they certainly learned new information from each activity.
  • Fun activities for the kids that they enjoyed. They learned a lot about science and were able to be creative.
  • It was fun.  Learned about coding!
  • Very educational and hands-on.
  • Fun learning.  Very organized.  Kept the kids’ attention.
  • It was educational and a lot of fun.
  • It was a fun, educational night that we ALL enjoyed.
  • The experience was interactive, engaging, creative, and fun.  I loved the combination of tech and art.

We can't wait to host another family event!

first family night event heARTS of STEAM poster heARTS of STEAM group