Parent Procedures

Hello Parents:

The purpose of this letter is to provide you with some procedures that we are implementing that will need to be followed once students start coming on campus Wednesday.  These procedures are to try to keep your children and my staff as safe as possible, help limit traffic problems, and try to keep things running smooth.  Following is a list of some of those procedures you will need to follow:

 What the parents need to do:

            Parents will drop off their students in the east parking lot, not in front of the office.  At the end of the day, students can be picked up in the east parking lot as well.

            Parents, if you want to drop them off near the office, the gates along 8th avenue will be open for you to drop off and the students can enter through the gates. 

            Parents will not be allowed to walk their students to their classrooms.   Kindergarten parents will be allowed during the first two weeks of school only. 


If we work together on the above items, I think we can make it a great year and eliminate possible problems that occur in the front parking lot.  Last year we had too many near misses with kids getting in or out of cars in front of the office while other cars were trying to get out of the parking lot.  We are trying to keep the west parking lot, in front of the office, open for those parents who need to come to check out their students for appointments and things like this.  If you will help us with these items, I think your children will be safer than they have been in the past.


Yours in education,


Michael Moreno, Principal

Dorothy Stinson School