Renaissance Assembly Schedule

Friday, May 14, we will be holding our Renaissance Assembly for the student body of Safford High School.

Students will attend class following this schedule:

1st Hour-   7:40-8:00
2nd Hour-  8:04-8:24
3rd Hour-   8:28-8:48
4th Hour-   8:52-9:12
5th Hour-   9:16-9:36
6th Hour-   9:40-10:00
7th Hour-   10:04-10:24

At the conclusion of 7th hour, students will be released to the CFA for the assemebly. THE ASSEMBLY IS FOR STUDENTS AND STAFF ONLY, NO PARENTS OR COMMUNITY MEMBERS WILL BE ALLOWED IN. 

Lunch will be served from 12:40-1:15.

Students will then report to their 6th hour class for attendance. After attendance is taken, all students and staff will report to the baseball fields for Spring Fling. Students will be dismissed from the baseball fields at 3:08 pm so they may reach the buses on time.