An Announcement from our Superintendent

Hello Bulldog Families,

As you know, in these very different times Safford Unified Schools is working hard to create as many effective options to eduatcate our kids as possible. One of these options is expanding our online school, Henry Dunkerson Pathways Academy (HDPA) from 9-12 to K-12. We feel it is very important to clarify that HDPA is set up as an online/social distanced enviroment in its entirety. The HDPA online learning platform is DIFFERENT from when we have to implement Distance Learning. Distance Learning is when we are required by government authority to not have students on campus, but still educate our students. When we are in Distance Learning mode, students are still enrolled in their school of orgin- DSS, LNS, RPS, SMS, SHS, MGHS. They participate in their core classes, electives, and even extracurricular activities when possible within directed guidelines. These students are still members of their athletic teams and clubs.

HDPA is its own seperate school-still within the Safford Unified School District though. As mentioned earlier, this is set up as an online/social distanced enviroment in its entirety. HDPA students won't be participating in "brick and mortar" classes, clubs, or athletics. We hope this clarifies any questions and helps guide you in your decision within the many options we are trying to create.


A.J. Taylor