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Updated COVID Guidelines from the County Health Department 8/21/2021 (please click HERE for full article)

To Our Bulldog Family,


According to the County Health Department protocols, if staff or students are:



  • They should stay home and consider getting tested.
  • If a student is already at school, parents need to be contacted and nursing staff needs to contact the County Health Department and let them know.
  • If staff or students test positive, they will need to quarantine per Health Department guidelines.

Exposed to the virus but not symptomatic-

  • If they are vaccinated, they will not be required to quarantine.
  • If they are not vaccinated, they will need to quarantine per Health Department directions.

How masks factor in-

  • Unvaccinated staff and students - IF a mask is worn all of the time, and remember they are not mandated, there will not be a mandatory quarantine by the health Department.  If there is no or intermittent mask wearing by the unvaccinated individual, the Health Department is quarantining those people that experience a close contact with a COVID case.

UPDATE AS OF 8/21/21


The Graham County Health Department (GCHD) has updated their quarantine protocols. Quarantined staff and students quarantined by the GCHD can test on the 5th day of quarantine. GCHD is saying that testing is available at Embry Health and results are available in 24-48 hours. GCHS is saying staff and students with negative test results can return on the 8th day. Please bring your proof of the negative test results to the school on the 8th day when you return. Staff and students may also return to school in 10 days without testing if no symptoms have occurred.