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Promethean A-Con G Panel Updates

Over the break the technicians went around and updated all of the A-Con G boxes on all of the Promethean displays. When you tap on the HOME button you are going to see some new options. 

Here is some information about the new features:

Back button: The Back button allows you to navigate back to the previous screen.
Home: The Home button allows you to quickly return to the home screen.
Whiteboard: Turn your classroom display into a blank interactive canvas. Use the annotation tools to write or draw, insert images, and more.
Screen Capture: Instantly capture screenshots of anything displayed on your screen. Annotate directly onto the screenshot using the Promethean Whiteboard App and save if you wish.
Annotate App: Annotate over anything displayed on your screen quickly and easily.
Timer App: Launch up to four clocks, timers, or stopwatches simultaneously for classroom management.
Spinner App: Randomize elements of your classroom with ease. Choose from six default lists or create your own.
Here is a GETTING STARTED guide with more detailed information about each of the features.

Also, here is to some SHORT VIDEOS on each of the features. They are under the heading - Featured Apps on the ActivConnect G and OPS-G.