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Alternate Assignment Details

There are 2 options for the Alternate Assignment.

Option 1: Please write a 2 page essay in which you say what songs we chose for the concert, and what you liked and/or didn't like about each one. Also include how listening to this music can affect those who attend a concert.

Option 2: Please have someone record you singing each song from the concert and give the recording to Mrs. Gowin. The best option would be to put the file on a flash drive and bring it to school. Another way would be to email it to Mrs. Gowin ( You may need to record each song as a separate video to keep the file small enough. If you are having trouble sending in your video, please contact me and we can find a way. 


This concert is a large part of our curriculum, similar to a summative assessment. It is for a grade. If your child is unable to participate in the concert for any reason, they must complete the alternate assignment in order to get a grade.