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Tax Credit

Arizona State Tax Credit Information

Safford Unified School District 

encourages you to help our schools while taking advantage of the . . .   


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The brochure, found on the right, includes a contribution form which will allow you to donate to the extracurricular activities of your choice at any school in the District.

Where Money Goes


  • Contributions may be designated to an extracurricular activity of your choice.
  • Organizations can use the money to provide transportation, equipment, uniforms, improving facilities for that organization’s activities, paying volunteers for giving their time to the organization, etc.
  • Any before or after school activity that require a fee for student participation qualifies as an extracurricular activity.
  • These include: athletics, intramural activities, clubs, organizations or after school field trips.
  • Contributions may be divided among different extracurricular activities to total up to $400 for married couples filing jointly or $200 for singles. This means you can donate to more than one organization and to more than one school.

Arizona Tax Law

  • ARS 43-1089.01 allows married couples filing jointly to take up to $400 in tax credit or $200 for singles if they donate to extracurricular activities in public schools.
  • This tax credit is available to all taxpayers, even if they don’t have children in school.
  • Contributions are donated directly to the school, not to the state or even to the district.
  • Though contributions to public schools have always been tax deductible, a tax credit is subtracted from the amount of taxes you owe.

Graham Greenlee Tax Credit Coalition




To take advantage of this tax credit, just fill out the form inside the brochure and mail it to the Safford Unified School District Office at: 734 W. 11th Street, Safford, AZ 85546.

For more information, please email Ann Roden ( or call any of the following school offices:

District Office
348-7000 ext. 7004

Safford High School
348-7050 ext. 5701

Mt. Graham High School
348-7060 ext. 6701

Safford Middle School
348-7040 ext. 4701

Ruth Powell School
348-7030 ext. 3701

Lafe Nelson School
348-7020 ext. 2701

Dorothy Stinson School
348-7010 ext. 1701