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Title 1 Information - School-Wide Title I

The Safford Unified School District participates in a Schoolwide Title I program for Kindergarten through Eighth grade students. Activities, services, and programs funded by Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), help students achieve academic success.



Building grit can help your child succeed at school--and in life! Grit means not giving up. We all face challenges in life, but when a person has grit, he or she keeps trying, is determined to be successful and is able to find ways to succeed.

  1. Talk with your child regularly. Make it clear that grit is one of your family values.
  2. Share examples from your life. Discuss ways you overcame challenges and setbacks through determination and hard work.
  3. Point out examples from the past. Share stories with your child about other people who had grit. Read stories or watch movies about overcoming challenges.
  4. Look for examples in the present. Point out stories in the news about people who overcame challenges.
  5. Teach your child good habits. Talk about being responsible, accountable, and dependable.
  6. Teach your child self-control. Set limits and rules for your child. Help your child learn about willpower.
  7. Help your child set and work toward goals. Goals should be challenging but realistic. They should include short and long term goals.
  8. Teach your child how to deal with failure. Express confidence in your child's ability to learn from the situation and do better next time.
  9. Praise your child's efforts. Be sure to say how proud you are that your child gives his/her best efforts.
  10. Talk to your child about balance. Encourage your child to work hard toward his/her goals but be sure to include downtime, too.
  11. Provide opportunities for your child to build grit. Set expectations for your child, encourage participation in sports or after-school activities and hobbies.
  12. Support school efforts. Attend parent-teacher conferences, volunteer, set high academic goals.

*Channing Bete 2014 Edition

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