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Elementary Student Support Service Provider

Ms. Nicole Deem

Nicole Deem

Phone: 928-348-7000 ext. 1711

Hello! I am Ms. Deem and  I love working with our young people and contributing to our community. My goal is for students to feel seen, heard, and valued. I am honored and excited to serve as the district's Student Support Service Provider. These are a few of my roles: 

Classroom Lessons:
I visit each classroom on LNS, DSS, & RPS campuses several times each quarter.  A program called Capturing Kids' Hearts (CKH) has been implemented at all elementary schools this year. Through resources provided by CKH, I teach Leadworthy Character Lessons designed to inspire and empower students. I will provide information about CKH and what students are learning on this website. 

Small Group Support: 
I offer small group support to students who need extra support in social-emotional skills, as well as ways to cope with various life situations.  Group size tends to be 3-6 students.  

Individual Support:
I provide individual support to students in need of one-on-one support  for grief, social, emotional, or academic challenges. 

How to Contact Ms. Deem:
If you need to get in touch with me, please call 928-348-7000 ext. 1711 or email me at  I rotate between different school sites all week, but I receive calls and emails no matter which campus I am at.