Attendance / Participation Requirements During Distance Learning

  • The AZ Department of Education has allowed school districts and charter schools flexibility to design attendance tracking procedures to connect their unique distance learning models to existing attendance systems during distance learning.

    According to the SUSD District Distance Learning Plan, attendance is based on DAILY participation. Attendance will be recorded weekly for all work completed from Monday at 12:01 AM through Sunday at 11:59 PM.  Participation includes but is not limited to completing course required activities like:

    • Lectures
    • Discussions
    • Labs
    • Activities
    • Assessments
    • Videos
    • Assignments

    Participation and activities for distance learning are delivered through Google Classroom, Google Apps, and other means such as phone calls, recorded lessons, and hard copy packets.

    Attendance will be finalized every Monday for the previous week so students will have until Sunday at 11:59 PM to submit any assignments associated with participation.  

    • On a weekly basis, teachers will mark credit for daily attendance in PowerTeacher with the following codes:
      • DLP = Distance Learning PRESENT
      • DLA = Distance Learning ABSENT (unexcused unless parent calls the office).
    • ALL ATTENDANCE FOR THE PREVIOUS WEEK WILL BE FINALIZED ON MONDAY.  Parents should look in their PowerSchool Parent Portal on Tuesday to verify students are completing what is required to be counted in attendance for the previous week.
    • ILLNESS OR EXCUSED ABSENCES:  To excuse an absence (no participation), parents MUST CALL the school attendance line (office) within 24 hours of the absence or no later than 4 PM on the TUESDAY of the week after the absence.
    • Autodialer calls regarding absences will not be made at this time.