• Hi Everyone! I hope that you are doing well during our unexpected school closure. Our school closure is one strategy to keep us safe from the spread of the coronavirus.  I know that this can be a little scary and cause some anxiety for many of you.  However, please remember what I have taught you....breathe, be mindful, and practice grattitude.  Practicing those concepts will help you get through having to get through this time we are living in.  You got this!  I miss all of you and hope we can all be together soon.  

Student Support Service Provider
Ms. Valerie Sanchez

Phone: 9283486983


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Valerie Sanchez

Welcome to the Student Support Service Provider webpage for Dorothy Stinson School, Lafe Nelson School, and Ruth Powell School! I have the pleasure of working with students through classroom lessons on social-emotional learning, small group support, and individual support.  I work with school staff and parent to find the best ways to support student needs.  


Classroom Lessons:

I visit each classroom on each of the elementary campuses several times each quarter.  This allows me the opportunity to interact with students during an average 30 minute lesson.  Lessons typically focus on social-emotional learning such as mindfulness, understanding emotions of self and others, relationship skills and problem solving skills. 

Small Group Support: 

Small group support is offered to students who may need extra support in social-emotional skills, as well as ways to cope with various life situations.  Group size tends to be 3-6 students.  

Individual Support:

I am available to students who require one-on-one support for grief, social, emotional, or academic challenges.