• Dear SMS Family, 


    Welcome to the SMS Library, where we believe that all students are readers, they just need to find the right book!  We are committed to providing books that qualify not only for the District approved AR program but for our students’ reading tastes as well.  We encourage all students to travel through the shelves and hopefully find a piece of themselves there!  

    The SMS Library participates in the AR Program alongside the elementary schools to continue to build strong readers.  The Accelerated Reading Program was created to help students strengthen their reading skills by utilizing reading levels and enhancing comprehension through short quizzes.  The students will read 15 minutes per day from an AR book of their choice in selected classrooms and are encouraged to read another half hour each evening at home.  Once they have completed their books they will take a short quiz (while at school) to check their retention and will be awarded a certain number of points per book and quiz completion.  Throughout the year, prizes will be awarded for the points they've earned.  


    Library Fines:  This money helps us to buy new books as replacement for books lost, damaged, destroyed, etc.  It has been explained to your middle schooler that fines can occur if any of the following take place:

    • They do not renew their books in a timely manner.

    • They damage or destroy a book.

    • They lose a book that belongs to the library.


    There are exceptions to every rule and as such fines will vary depending on the severity of the damage or how late the book is returned.  

    There is a no-refund policy, once a fine has been paid the money will not be refunded for any reason.  (especially if the fine belongs to DSS, LNS, or RPS.)

    Library fines will affect whether or not your student can attend trips or fun activities (including the AR reward activities).  

    If not paid by the end of the year they can also keep your student from attending the pool celebration (7th graders) or Promotion (8th graders).  

    Fines WILL follow them from the elementary schools and later to the High School which can limit their experiences there.  


    We look forward to seeing your readers in the library!!

    Please contact our librarian Kynzie Blank with any questions!