SMS Office Staff Strives to Serve Public

  • The main goal of the Safford Middle School office staff is to help answer any questions that students, staff, parents and visitors may have. Our staff can give you information on scheduled activities, teachers' schedules, set up appointments and serve as your link to anything you might need from the school or its staff. Dacia Casas is the Principal's Secretary, and is happy to help with taking any fees, or directing you to the principal. April Macario is the Assistant Principal's Secretary and is in charge of discipline, scheduling and athletics. Debi Phelps is in charge of attendance and student records. We have student office aides who provide friendly and efficient assistance to all visitors. We hope your visit to our school is a pleasant one!

Guidelines for Parents

  • Office

    Our office hours are 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

    If you need to speak with our Principal or Vice Principal, please contact the office to schedule an appointment. If you need to schedule an appointment with a teacher, please see staff directory to email them and set up a meeting for a time and day that will be convenient for both of you.

    For attendance, please call 928-348-7040 ext. 4700

    For Vice Principal Secretary and athletics, please call 928-348-7040 ext. 4706 

    For Principal Secretary, please call 928-348-7049 

    Visitors will need proper ID when coming to campus. When signing-out a student(s), please bring an ID. We will not release a student(s) to a person or persons that are not on a child's pick-up/emergency contact list.