SUSD Mission Statement


    Safford Unified School District Mission Statement/Values


    VisionSafford Unified Schools strives to be TBSDIA - The Best School District In Arizona.


    Mission: We declare student learning is our focus and we commit our time, resources, and efforts to:

    • Provide quality, effective, student-centered education that fosters lifelong learners who engage in critical and creative thinking.

    • Promote and protect a safe and respectful learning environment.

    • Create a feeling of community and sense of belonging by investing in building relationships with those we work with and serve.

    • Prepare students for what is next; model by example and teach resilience, confidence, and a strong work ethic so they can be successful contributing citizens.

    • Promote physical and emotional wellness through teaching and example. 

    • Encourage students and staff to have a sense of purpose and set goals they want to achieve.

    • Provide opportunities for students and staff to develop their individual talents.


    Our Core Values:

    • Excellence 

    • Respect

    • Compassion 

    • Patience

    • Pride

    • Transparency