New Class Scheduling Process

  • This new scheduling process is going to give our students and parents more input in designing their schedules.  The new student scheduler program is run through the parent and student PowerSchool portals, which makes the process more available for everyone.  In the steps below we will walk you through a suggested way of getting ready for "requesting" day.  Requesting day is very important because those requests are the only classes that you will have access to when creating your schedule.  As always, you are welcome to contact your students' counselor with questions.

    1. Review the calendar to find when your student will be requesting classes.
    2. Study the Course Description Guide to find the classes that you are interested in taking next year. 
    3. You will need to choose 7 classes and 2 alternate classes and have those in mind when the counselors go into classrooms for requests.  Make sure to look at the prerequisites.
      • Use these worksheets to help with class choices. There is a worksheet for every grade level - make sure you are using the right one.

    Please pay extra attention to the requests you make because those are the only classes that will be available for you to schedule.

    Schedules will not be changed after April 28th.