SUSD Chromebook Insurance

  • SUSD Chromebook Insurance Agreement

    Insurance Option: $40 per Device


      • 1st Claim is covered with no additional cost or deductible.
      • 2nd Claim requires a $30 co-pay or the cost of the repair (whichever is lower).
      • Coverage starts on the date of the purchase of the insurance policy and continues until the end of the school year OR until the SECOND claim is processed.  After the second claim, this policy is terminated and a new policy will need to be purchased for continued coverage.
      • This insurance policy covers ONE specific Chromebook when on loan to a household for off-campus use.  After the loaned Chromebook is returned to the school, this policy will be transferred to cover ONE specific student while using any Chromebook on campus.  
      • This policy covers ONE option at a time, not both, meaning it is active on a particular bar code number Chromebook, OR it is active for a specific student while on campus.  The policy can be transferred from one to the other any time a loaner Chromebook is deployed or returned.  The policy terms continue to be in place as stated with the original purchase date.
    • Not informing the tech department immediately of spill damage or other forms of negligence will void the insurance coverage for that incident.



    • Contact the technology department by calling 928-348-7018 or by emailing
    • Chromebook will be collected for repair
      • A loaner Chromebook MAY be issued, depending on availability and the circumstances surrounding the claim.
    • In cases of theft or disappearance, a Police Report must accompany the report to technology. The Police Report must also directly mention the loss of the Chromebook  and the circumstances surrounding the loss. 



    • Call 928-348-7018 or email
    • Payment Options: Exact cash amount or check made payable to Safford Unified School District
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