• Henry Dunkerson Pathways Academy

    National trends for success of online students reveal it takes a lot of work and initiative.  On average only 15% of students who enroll in an online program are successful.  Safford Unified School District wants all of their students to be successful.  Please, please, please understand the magnitude of an online student's success rests heavily on the student and their parents. 

    History: Originally created as a 9-12 school, HPDA has now been expanded to include all grades kindergarten to twelfth.  With an ever-changing world, SUSD wants to educate as many students as possible offering options to best meet different learning styles.

    Format/Model/Umbrella:  Every brick and mortar school will offer an HDPA pathway. Staff and students will be under the supervision and direction of the building principal.  High school students will need to choose a school graduation path - either MGHS or SHS.  The district will provide an online instructional coordinator to help with the training of staff and implementation of HDPA online programs and curriculum.  Special education students will continue to be serviced by the case manager they are currently assigned.  

    Who Should Enroll?   HDPA is for highly motivated students who want an educational option different from a traditional school environment.  It is 100% online.  Only highly motivated students should consider online learning through HDPA as it requires students to be self-driven and capable of staying on top of the rigorous, self-paced learning style.  If you are not a self-driven individual, this is probably not the best option for you.  For younger students, online learning takes more effort and involvement from parents who will need to facilitate a great deal of learning with regard to technology, staying on task, and completing assignments.

    Who Should NOT Enroll?  If you want to participate in any extracurricular activities, HDPA is not for you.  HDPA students are not allowed to participate in things like sports teams, band or orchestra groups, etc.  


    • Transfer between schools can only happen at quarter breaks. (Mid-Oct, End of Dec, and Mid-March)  and only ONE TRANSFER PER YEAR will be allowed.
    • Students MAY NOT PARTICIPATE in ANY Extra-Curricular Activities or Programs when enrolled in HDPA
    • Failure to complete the required work within the required timeframe will result in students being dropped:  (Day Three Warning, Day Six Warning, Day Ten Dropped)