Current/Returning Families

  • To select in-person learning, please complete the SUSD In-Person Learning form.

    Please complete the In-Person Learning Form. Once you have done this, we are asking ALL PARENTS to set up a Parent Portal.  We will be distributing additional registration information through the Parent Portal, including teacher assignments (K-6), class schedules, student demographic information checks, etc. 

    • PARENT PORTAL:  If you do NOT have a PARENT PowerSchool Portal account setup, this will be your first step.  A STUDENT portal account will not work for registration.  This MUST BE A PARENT PORTAL account.  
    • To request a Parent Portal, contact the school office. They will provide you with your access ID and password along with directions on how to create your account. 
    • You will receive additional information from the school once they know who is registering to attend IN PERSON!