• Hello Parents/Guardians!

    On this page you will find the 3 main resources that I need you to look over to get yourself and your student(s) ready for the start of this new school year!!

    First Resource = Class Supply Lists

    Second Resource = Google Classroom Information

    Third Resource = ClassTag Information

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  • Class Supply Lists

    Again, with this year being so different for all of us, I am having to handle supplies a little differently this year.  There is still a class fee (main office will let you know what class fees your student(s) have, if they haven't already), which will still buy the majority of supplies - especially those that are more difficult to get or maybe more expensive.  But to avoid too many issues of "shared" supplies, we are asking that every student has their own set of these basic supplies that will be used on a daily basis.  They are all simple supplies that you can get a Walmart or the Dollar Store and it doesn't matter any specific brands.

    Please click the link for the supply list that your student(s) have...

    1st & 2nd Hour Classes - Art 1: Arts & Crafts Supply List

    3rd Hour Class - Art 2: Intermediate Art Supply List

    4th Hour Class - Art 3 & 4: Advanced Art Supply List

    5th Hour Class - Ceramics Supply List

    6th & 7th Hour Classes - Art 1: Drawing & Painting Supply List

    NOTE: If your student is in multiple classes, they will only need to get one set of supplies but I do require a different composition notebook for each class.

  • Google Classroom Information

    In order for students to access their Google Classroom's for their different classes at SHS, they will need to make sure that they are first logged into their school Google account (student ID# @saffordusd.com with BluePassword).  Parents, you will be able to access information regarding your student's Google Classroom, such as upcoming assignments, missing assignments, and submitted assignments, by accepting the invite from the teachers.  If you do not receive an invite, please email me (cstomack@saffordusd.com) so that I can make sure you get an invite ASAP.  Below this information, I will be including the codes for each student to access their cooresponding Google Classrooms through my art program.  At this time, students should already be in the Google Classrooms so they should just need to click "Join Class".  Parents are not actually able to use the codes to access Google Classroom information, which is why it is essential that you accept the email invite from the email address you provide me.

    If you or your student(s) need help with Google Classroom, here is a great resource that goes over some basic tools in Google Classroom...

    2020 Parents' Guide to Google Classroom 

    These are the codes for each Google Classroom under Mrs. Stomack's Art Program...

    1st Hour - Art 1: Arts & Crafts = jg2kvk3

    2nd Hour - Art 1: Arts & Crafts = tpu46va

    3rd Hour - Art 2: Intermediate Art = ewhie4i

    4th Hour - Art 3/4: Advanced Art = rg3zxu6

    5th Hour - Ceramics: Years 1, 2 & 3 = bua2nvt

    6th Hour - Art 1: Drawing & Painting = 5zzdzem

    7th Hour - Art 1: Drawing & Painting = r6npksm

    Teacher's Aids (Various Hours) = pmtbvqa

  • ClassTag Information

    ClassTag is a communciations app for schools.  You can use it in the app on any mobile device, or you can use your computer by simply going to the ClassTag website and accessing our art classes.  The app is free and the account you create will also be free.  ClassTag will allow you (the parent / guardian) and I to be able to communicate easily through it's texting format, as well as access documents, see upcoming events, and I will be able to share images of your student's work.  Basically, think of it as a super class newsletter with texting capabilities!!

    I have set up multiple "Classes" in ClassTag so that it makes it easier to communicate specifics that go with the type of art class.  All you need is to accept the email invitation.  If you can't find the email invitation, please email (cstomack@saffordusd.com) me ASAP and I will get you setup.