Bus Rules

  • The bus driver is the authority on the bus and safety is our first priority. It is the student's responsibility to:

    • Keep the aisles clear.
    • Keep the bus clean.
    • Be on time for the bus in the morning (10 minutes before bus arrives).
    • Do not chase the bus down if you are late to your bus stop.
    • Stand a safe distance away from the road.
    • Line up to board the bus when the bus is approaching without crowding or pushing.
    • Approach the bus only when the bus driver has motioned you to do so.
    • Always use steps and handrail when boarding and leaving the bus.
    • Stay seated facing forward in assigned seat at all times.
    • Loud and vulgar language will not be tolerated.
    • Hands, arms, head and objects are not permitted through bus windows.
    • Throwing any objects out of the windows or inside the bus is prohibited.
    • Return windows to closed position if you open them.
    • Eating, drinking or chewing gum is not permitted on the bus.
    • Glass, tobacco, weapons, reptiles, animals or insects of any kind are NOT permitted on the bus at any time.
    • Any damage to the bus will be the responsibility of the passenger.
    • Be respectful of all property surrounding the bus stop. Students who damage school property or the property of other passengers will pay for the damages.

    The District's Policy regarding behavoir will also be adhered to on the school bus at all times.

Bus Discipline

  • 1st Offense - Parents and Principal will be contacted

    2nd Offense - 5 days off ALL buses

    3rd Offense - 10 days off ALL buses

    4th Offense - Off ALL semester and/or school year from ALL buses.

    Continuous disorderly conduct or persistent refusal to obey the authority of the bus driver will be sufficient reason for a student to be denied transportation. Please remember, riding a bus is a privilege. SEVERTIY OF THE INFRACTION WILL DETERMINE SEVERITY OF THE DISCIPLINE.