SUSD Printing Options

  • SUSD Printing Options

    Connected Printer:

    • Prints from any browser or stand-alone program.
    • From the print menu, select classroom or networked printer or copier.
    • At SMS, this only works for classroom printers.

     Cloud Print (CHROME BROWSER ONLY):

    • Prints anything using the Chrome browser.  Does not print from stand-alone programs like Word.
    • You MUST be logged into your Chrome browser to see the Cloud Printers available on our network.
    • From the print menu, select CHANGE under Destination, then select a networked printer or copier.

     Internal Web Printing:

    Users may use Web Printing to print to various printers on their campus from any SUSD computer or laptop without having to install separate printer software.  Personal, non-SUSD devices cannot print to SUSD printers.

    To use Web Printing:

    • Go to “Quick Links" on the SUSD website and select "Printing 
(Internal Web Print)". Students and staff will log in using their network username and password.
    • On the left side, click "Web Print".
    • On the next page, on the right click "Submit a Job".
    • Search for printer. Just because a user can see a printer, doesn’t mean he/she has access to it.
      • TIP: By typing a school’s initials (i.e. SMS) in the quick find box and clicking Find Printer, the list of printers will be narrowed to just that campus.
    • Click the round button by the printer to choose it.
    • On the bottom right click 2 Print Options and Account Selection.
    • Enter how many copies.
    • On bottom right click 3. Upload 
Document to proceed.
    • Click on “Upload from computer” and browse to find the document you wish to print. You can also drag and drop the document into the box.
    • Once your file has been selected click on Upload & Complete” button bottom left.
    • When done web printing, log out by clicking on the link to the left under web print.
    • Note that the types of file formats are limited so you may have to make your file an Office format or a PDF.
    • All documents must be saved before you can web print.  Any Google documents must be downloaded and saved to your desktop. You cannot directly print from Google Drive. 

    Click on the Internal Web Printing link below to download these directions!