Public Portals for Accessing Student Grade Information

  • PowerSchool Public Portals allow all students and parents to access student information regarding grades, attendance, and lunch account balance. Users may log in through the Internet, or parents may sign up to receive automated E-mail notifications regularly. 

    Students and parents will have SEPARATE ACCOUNTS and will need to contact the school office to request a username and temporary password for EACH ACCOUNT. Once created, accounts continue to work each year with no additional verification needed.

    The office staff will CREATE each PARENT ACCOUNT where they can view and manage information for ALL of their SUSD students in one place! The parent account MUST be created first. Once the account is created, parents may receive an Access ID and Password from the school office(s), which can be used to connect each student to their account using that Access ID. More than one Parent Account may also be set up to accommodate multiple guardians.

    STUDENT Accounts and PARENT Accounts require DIFFERENT Access ID’s and Passwords. Both are available through the school offices. 

    Once an account has been created, PARENTS can reset their own passwords or retrieve log in information on their own by going to the Parent Portal Button on the webpage and clicking on “Having Trouble Logging In?” 

    If you need assistance, you can contact your school’s office to have a letter printed with your students' Access ID and password, or for help with accessing an account. 

    *****Grades in the portal reflect assignments currently recorded in teachers' grade books. Please allow adequate time for teachers to score and record assignments.