20-21 Choose Your Path BACK TO SCHOOL

  • Safford Unified School District will be providing TWO learning opportunities for our K-8th grade students and families and THREE to our 9th-12th grade student during these uncertain times. In following state and federal guidelines as well as the governor's directives, in-person learning on campus may not begin until August 17th.  However, in the best interest of students, SUSD will begin delivering teacher-led instruction on August 4th utilizing distance learning for ALL students. This method will continue to be used until August 17th, and possibly longer, as directed by the governor.  Once in-person learning is allowed, SUSD wants to be prepared for a safe return to campuses.  To do this, we are asking parents to register their student(s) selecting one of the below models.  Please keep in mind, the Hybrid/Blended Learning Option is ONLY AVAILABLE FOR 9TH-12TH GRADE STUDENTS. Below is an explanation of each of the models.

    Families are asked to view the highlights of each option in the dropdown menus below, and select the choice that best serves your individual child(ren). By selecting the option, you are registering your student.  Additional registration information will be sent through the PowerSchool Parent Portal as we get closer to the opening of campuses.


school building
  • Ideal for families who are ready to come back to school full time (Click to learn more).


Hybrid learning model
  • Ideal for families of 9th - 12th grade students who want SOME in-person learning, are willing to complete some at home learning, and prefer to follow teacher-led curriculum (Click to learn more).


online learning model
  • Ideal for independent, self-motivated learners who are ready to learn independently from home full time (Click to learn more).