Welcome to Dorothy Stinson's Principal Page

  • Hello, my name is Mike Moreno and I am the principal at Dorothy Stinson School. I thank you for being an active part of this school year.

    We are looking for a great year.  We are no longer working under any Covid Protocols so we are looking at business as usual.  However, first-grade students will still be at Lafe Nelson School and 2nd grade will still be at Ruth Powell School. 

    We are having our Open House on Wednesday, August 3, from 3:00-6:00.  The elementary principals have decided that this year's open house will be a come-as-you-can event.  We hope this will give you more time to talk to the teacher, get to know what you can expect from the teacher, as well as give you more time to fill out the required paperwork.  If your child requires medicine to be given at school, an open house is a good time to meet the nurse and get that taken care of.

    I ask that you become an active member of our school. Please get involved in whatever you can with your child and their class. Our teachers always welcome parents to come read with or to their students as well as do small group math and other center activities. Your child will do much better when they see their parents actively involved in their learning.  So if you would like to come and volunteer, please make arrangements through the teachers first.  This way, the teacher knows you are coming and can plan for something you can do with the students.  Otherwise, it can become a distraction for some of the students when there is another adult in the class, but they aren't working with the students.

    Our times are the same this year. Dorothy Stinson will begin school at 8:00 and will be dismissed at 2:00. The first day of school, Wednesday, August 4 is an early release day with school being dismissed at 12:20. All Fridays throughout the year will also be early release days with school being dismissed at 12:20.

    Also, please remember your child's safety is very important to us. Please make sure that is your priority as well and help us keep your children safe.

    Yours in education,
    Michael Moreno, Principal
    Dorothy Stinson School

Mr. Mike Moreno, DSS Principal