How to Donate to SHS Alumni

  • John Bonefas awarding a scholarship The SHS Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit organization, therefore donations to the Foundation are tax deductible. The Foundation is a 501-c-3 entity. 

    No donation is considered too small. Anyone desiring to donate can specify which scholarship fund they desire their donation to be placed into! We encourage you to make donations to the Foundation an annual event. Mainly from donations, we have awarded $616,000 in scholarships since the initial scholarship of $500 in 1988! 754 people have shared in the dollars offered through scholarships. Scholarships have been awarded from investment earnings, all donations are invested. Therefore your donation will help raise revenue for scholarships forever! 

    Mail your donations to:
    734 11TH ST
    SAFFORD AZ 85546

    Or Click on DONATE to go directly to Paypal!


    The Foundation examines the few causal factors that can help explain why alumni give (or do not give) to their schools. As virtually every high school struggles through today’s difficult economic environment, knowing what can be done to increase the level of alumni giving is valuable learning. And, since the annual percentage of alumni giving ranges from a high of 60% to the low single digits at many schools, it is clear that some understand this better than others.

    You can donate to the Safford High School Scholarship and Education Foundation in several ways. The first way is to donate to the scholarship fund of your choice. Another way to donate is by purchasing paver bricks in the SHS Memory Walk. Engraved pavers can be dedicated to students as graduation gifts, or in memory of a deceased classmate or family member. Third, you can endow a scholarship in your name or a loved one's name. For more information click on Purchase a Brick, or email John Bonefas at

    Amazon Smile You can also help AT NO COST TO YOU!!! In today's world, most people do some or a lot of shopping online. If you shop you can easily benefit the SHS Foundation. Instead of using, shop at --- It is exactly the same merchandise at the same price. If you have an Amazon account, your wish list, etc will automatically transfer to The Foundation receives 1/2 of a percent of your purchase at NO additional cost to you. To enroll: go to; sign in with your amazon email address and password to create a smile amazon account; under "Pick Your Own Charitable Organization" type Safford High School Scholarship Foundation; select the Foundation and you are set to go. ALWAYS use rather than to benefit the Foundation.

    For donations of $100 or more we will mail you a statement of donation for tax purposes. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) actually accepts checks as proof of donations for any amount under $250. 

    Should a donor desire to start a new fund they should contact the treasurer at the above noted address or e-mail us at: or call him at 928-965-7065 

    Alumni are encouraged to include the Safford High School Scholarship Foundation, Inc. in their estates and trust. See your attorney or tax consultant to make this happen! Please feel free to contact us about the multiple ways one can donate to the Foundation. We can provide you with options.