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Welcome to 2018!

January 17, 2018--It is always exciting to celebrate a new year. This is a time when many of us set goals, make New Year resolutions, or simply look forward to something better. Safford Schools also has many exciting happenings on the horizon and would like to share these with you.

You may be aware that we are striving to become TBSDIA (The Best School District In Arizona). We realize that we cannot achieve that goal on our own - it will take all of us: students, parents, community, and schools working together to become the best. We know that the road may be difficult, but anything worth doing right takes effort. We invite you to join us and be part of the change: get involved in school events, attend concerts, sporting events, and parent-teacher conferences; talk to teachers and staff; ask students what they are doing to help make a difference; and finally be Proud to be a BULLDOG! If we all strive to be the best we can be and help make a positive change we will see great things take place. Thank YOU for being part of our TEAM!

District and Campus Updates

There is a lot going on with improvements for many of our school district facilities. Here is an update of what is happening:

Bond Improvements:

Center for the ARTS:
Thanks to voters in the Safford School District boundaries, the Bond passed and one of the items on the list was an addition of two classrooms, changing rooms, and storage to the back of the CFA. Groundbreaking will begin soon with a scheduled completion date of August 2018.

Safford High School:
Work on both the boys’ and girls’ locker rooms is almost complete. As a result of the hailstorm and flooding of October 2016, it was discovered that the roof above the boys’ and girls’ locker rooms had significant issues and was deemed not structurally sound. The roofing repairs were taken care of by the Arizona School Facilities Board, and inside remodeling is being paid for from Bond money. Once again, thank you to our voters for their support of the Bond! Anticipated completion date is Mid-February.

Security Cameras:
As one of the items mentioned in the Bond, security cameras are currently being installed. These cameras will be on all campuses.

New Busses and Shuttles:
Also from Bond funds SUSD has been able to purchase new and slightly used busses as well as new shuttles. The bus fleet is now in compliance with updated guidelines.

Another item listed on the Bond was to improve technology for students and teachers. As a result, each classroom now has a Promethean Display which allows for improved instruction and student interaction. If you haven’t seen these displays in action we invite you to check with your school and see a demonstration!

School Facilities Board (SFB) Update:

The Arizona School Facilities Board is a state run agency that assists school districts with deficiencies and assists schools with older facilities to be in compliance with standards and regulations set by the State. Below are some projects they are assisting SUSD with:

Approval has been given by the Arizona School Facilities Board (SFB) to begin evaluation and execution of a district wide drainage plan. Within the next two months earthwork will be conducted and proper drainage will be implemented.

School Improvements:
In process by the SFB is approval to repaint three of our schools.
Also, an assessment has been approved for the evaluation of the entire Dorothy Stinson Campus and reports are forthcoming.

Electrical improvements:
Approval has been granted from SFB to make electrical improvements at Safford Middle School.

As you can see, there is a lot happening at Safford Schools. We are doing what we can to make this the best place for our students and staff so we can provide the best possible education for our young people! Thank you for your help and support!

Ken VanWinkle

District Contact
734 W. 11th St.
Safford, AZ 85546
Phone: 928-348-7000
Fax: 928-348-7001

Student Population: 3130
Staff Population: 357

Hours: 7:30 AM-4:00 PM

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